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Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH
Freudenstädter Straße 37-43
D-72280 Dornstetten


Tel. +49 (0)7443 96 37-0
Fax +49 (0)7443 96 37-50


Angle gauges and spirit levels

NESTLE DIGIT are angle gauges simple mechanical measurement of angles, or for setting out angles with digital display. Angles are set by swiveling of the measuring leg and automatically determined electronically on a rotary joint.

NESTLE DIWI are inclinometers for the mechanical determination of slopes with digital display.

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NESTLE Quick 360

NESTLE Level Box

NESTLE Toolbox level

NESTLE Aluminium cast Level Torpedo

NESTLE Level Genesis

NESTLE Craftsmen profi level Zeuss

NESTLE DIWA 60/100 Digital spirit level

NESTLE DIGIT 35/50 Angle gauge

NESTLE DIGIT 100 Angle gauge