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Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH
Freudenstädter Straße 37-43
D-72280 Dornstetten


Tel. +49 (0)7443 96 37-0
Fax +49 (0)7443 96 37-50



Nestle News

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NESTLE Cross line laser NCL-2G with green laser beam

For vertical or horizontal alignment of objects in interior work, cross-line lasers are a versatile tool. The green laser beam of the NCL-2G is perceived much better by the human eye than a red laser beam, especially in bright conditions.


The NESTLE NCL-2G with green laser beam is now available.

Your field representative is looking forward to further questions about the NCL-2G.

New product: NESTLE Carbon tripod PI-02 Jumbo

The NESTLE carbon tripod PI-02 Jumbo extends the series of tripods for precision and industrial surveying.

When setting up tripods, unintentional torques in the tripod head can occur; these forces have a negative effect on measurements. In addition to the central strut and the double clamp on the tripod legs, the tripod PI-02 provides additional head clamping for complete relief of the torque on the tripod head.


Technicaal specification 

Model no.                          31023000

Working height                  98-160 cm

Transport                           L: 107cm, D: 30cm

Head     ...

Health and safety promotion for manhole cover lifter

With the manhole cover lifter Art.No. 21000000 of Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH, manhole covers can be opened and closed simply, save and ergonomically.