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Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH
Freudenstädter Straße 37-43
D-72280 Dornstetten


Tel. +49 (0)7443 96 37-0
Fax +49 (0)7443 96 37-50



Nestle News

Latest news about products, employees or anything else can be found here.


"The talent works, the genius creates"

With this citation from the famous German composer Robert Schumann, employees were honored for their many years of commitment to Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NESTLE-TEAM  wishes Merry Christmas and for new Year 2020 health, luck and success.


Instead of Christmas gifts we support the project for sick children and their families in need.


Thanks a lot for good cooeration in 2019. From 07th January 2020 we are pleased to help you.  

Outstanding positioning with GeoMax GNSS antennas - even in difficult conditions

Shadowing issues - such as when working under trees - or inaccurate results due to multipath effects are significantly reduced thanks to the special GeoMax RTK technologies. In addition, the time until the first position determination (Fix) is shortened.

Convince yourself of the performance of the GeoMax GNSS antennas even in difficult conditions.

NESTLE Pulsar laser receiver now with mm-display

From now on all NESTLE Pulsar-H, HV-R and 2S have a laser receiver with mm-display. The display shows you the distance of the received laser beam to the center of the receiver. This makes level control and alignment even more effective.

Ask your NESTLE sales representative about the NESTLE pulsar lasers with mm receivers.

NEW Geomax Zone80 DG - Rotary laser with 1200 rpm

Operating at 20 RPS (= 1200 rpm), the Geomax Zone80 DG is ideal for machine control solutions. With a long-term stable laser beam, this laser is particularly suitable for use in terrain leveling for horizontal planes or an inclination of up to 15%.