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Contact person

Please contact our NESTLE team for your queries. Choose your contact person from the following list.

Gottlieb NESTLE GmbH

Freudenstädter Straße 37-43
D-72280 Dornstetten

Phone +49 (0)7443 96 37-0

Fax +49 (0)7443 96 37-50

E-mail: info(at)

Support Geomax

Herr Schmidt

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) / MSc. GIS (Uni)

Sales department

Herr Kern

Head of sales

Frau Reutter

Customer service Germany Sales department executiv

Herr Heinen

Customer service Germany

Herr Antoun

Customer service Germany

Frau Wunderlich

Customer service Germany

Herr Roch

Dipl. Ing. / Sales Geomatics / PM

Frau Kirschenmann

Customer service export trade

Frau Bischof

Customer service export trade

Field service

Herr Gegic

Field service for: Austria

Herr Boulleaud

Field service for: France

Herr Vaz

Field service for: France south

Herr Kersten

Field service for: BENELUX

Herr Brochner

Field service for: eastern Europe

Field service Geomatics

Herr Sombetzki

Sales manager team geomatics

Herr Förster

Field service for: Geomatics West Germany, BENELUX

Herr Peschel

Field service for: Geomatics South Germany, Austria, Swiss

Herr Kaiser

Field service for: Geomatics North and East Germany

Service / Repairs

Herr Schneider

Service / Repairs

Engineering / Technology

Herr Gerster

Plant manager / Engineering

Herr Kilgus

Data processing / Project management

Herr Ziegler

Technology / development

Purchasing department

Frau Seeger

Manager Purchasing + Marketing

Frau Gaiser


Herr Haller


Accounting department

Frau Girrbach

Accounting Manager

Frau Büchle

Accounting, General office

Quality management

Herr Kraibühler

Quality management